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Wines for All Seasons

When you are relaxing at a restaurant, sipping a glass of wine, do you ever wonder how this drink got there? There is a good chance that the glass of sweet magic you are sipping was distributed from The Antique Wine Company which originated over 25 years ago.

Stemming from London, The Antique Wine Company provides hotels, exquisite restaurants and individuals bottles of fine wine (including vintage bottles) all across the globe. They are a company whose unique inventory and services are in constant demand. This famous company also offers guidance and engages its support of various wine cellars which can be found on private residences, magnificent hotels and châteaux throughout the world.

Originally working in the banking industry, its founder CEO Stephen Williams created the Antique Wine Company in 1989. One wonders what would make an individual choose to sell wine. Williams decided on wine as he had a passion to sell a product which could be purchased more than one, plus give customers satisfaction. Williams has produced some of the grandest wine collections and cellars in the world in Asia, North America and Europe – magnificent sites to be seen! Additionally, Williams has found himself as a sought after wine industry commentator throughout the world’s wine markets and he is often quoted on eclectic wine topics.

The Antique Wine Company has quite a resume. To honor the 70th birthday of U.S. President George Bush, the company provided the celebration with a 70 year old superior vintage wine. This global company purchased a 1787 Château d’Yquem which is the most valuable bottle of wine found in the world. They extended themselves by creating the Antique Wine Company Philippines in Manila.

In addition to selling and recommending various wines, providing services such as protecting a wine investment, this company plays host to exceptional wine events such as their La Paulée de Londres held at the tasting room of their Wine Academy in Central London. This inaugural event allowed individuals in attendance to take pleasure in and taste the world’s most unique bottles of wines from various individual collections.

With a strong CEO such as Stephen Williams, the Antique Wine Company has a good deal going for it. It is supplied with a potent brand image, customer appreciation and they boast more than 20,000 clients. This extraordinary wine merchant remains as the world’s largest global wine dealer.

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