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William Skelley’s Progress in Real Estate

Input of effort, determination and good work requires some form of reward. iFunding proprietor William Skelley reward came in form of recognition and admission to the ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders’. The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders consists of real estate magnets that have positively impacted the sector. MarketWired also picked up the story as Skelley has made a name with iFunding.  The forum holds regular dinners in which they talk about emerging trends and spectacular developments in the sector. The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders is the brain child of Michael Stoler who is the founder and managing director of Madison Realty. The group has some iconic members from some of the most renowned real estate firms. As the name suggest the group hopes to provide new strategies to promote the sector. The group has representation from the Caryle Group, Cushman and Wakefield, Bank of America, Merril Lynch, CIT and Kusher Companies.

Michael Stoler is also a TV personality with his own show dubbed the Stoler Report. The show is very successful since it has aired for 15 straight seasons. In his program he has interviewed very prominent business people who have pioneered in the business world. William Skelley is set to be featured in the show this spring; he is set to talk about evolution in the real estate sector.

Their page on CrowdFunder indicates William Skelley is an investment wizard who is not afraid of thinking out of the box. Before he formed the crowd based platform iFunding he worked at Rose Park advisers. It was at Rose Park that he conceived the idea of using technology and crowd funding technique to woe investors. The platform is a show of brilliance on his part. His prowess in the sector has seen him conduct talks in various forums and universities. iFunding is not his first rodeo, in 2005 he founded a boutique investment firm that was very successful dealing with over $ 2 billion in real estate assets. He has an impressive academic record spanning from Hobart College to Harvard Business School. After the financial crisis he returned to school to further his education in business. He was inspired by Clayton Christianson who is a professor at Harvard business school and a pioneer in ‘disruptive investment’. He is an ambitious man and going back to school is a clear pointer of what he had in mind. Since inception iFunding has sky rocketed and has millions in investments. It is evident that Skelley has what it takes to succeed in the cut throat business that is real estate.  Facebook has real time updates on iFunding, and Skelley often participates in events with users.

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