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Why pro sports bettors love the NFL

Most people know that if they gamble long enough in a casino, eventually they’ll lose. Vegas doesn’t keep all those lights on 24/7 by taking the sucker end of bets. But it’s also widely known that a very few talented players are able to shift the odds in their favor and become long term winners. These talented few turn out to be great marketing for the casinos.

Blackjack continues to be one of the most popular pit games, and that’s mostly because it’s so widely known that it’s possible to get an edge over the house with skilled play. Likewise, poker is another very popular game, also because the public knows that there are professional poker players who have made millions over their careers. The public focuses on the glamour and riches associated with big money professional gamblers, not realizing that often times the life of a professional is not only extremely hard and requires a great deal of natural talent and skill but also that grinding out a living as a card player can be an immensely boring experience, akin to working on an assembly line.

But there’s another kind of professional gambler who deals in real life events, not card hands he’s seen a thousand times before. That gambler is a professional sports bettor. For people with a passion for sports, the life of a professional handicapper can be extremely rewarding because there’s never a dull moment. On top of that, the life of a successful handicapper is often the closest thing to the romantic ideal of professional gambling that real life offers.

Big money in NFL betting

While the NFL is a tough market for newer players, veteran sports bettors love it for a number of reasons. Both are due to the sheer volume of action on NFL games. First, there’s no sport on which more money is bet per game. This means big-time handicappers can get a lot of money down without moving the lines. The second is that they can get down bets that would otherwise prompt scrutiny. These bettors are willing to play a tougher market for a chance at the larger payoffs. For more on taking advantage of incorrect NFL odds visit


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