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Who is Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is an attorney who started his career by working at the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. He worked then worked at the Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida. Here, he worked for a total of ten years and earned the position as Sheriff’s Detective. This field of work allowed him to analyze and see the perspective of those accused, to get a much better understanding of the law. He worked on all types of cases ranging from drug busts to auto mobile accidents. He was later recognized for all the work he contributed in this line of work with awards from the Marshall. Dan Newlin then went to law school in 1997 at the Florida State College of Law. He finished his degree in 2000. One special aspect to Newlin is that he is a licensed law practitioner in the states of Illinois and Florida where he has two offices.

He started out his career by himself and has successfully built it to what it is today as a large firm offering plenty of personalized legal services in two different states. His law firm has recovered over $150 million in accident and injury cases for victims. His team includes eighteen very experienced attorneys that go from Board Certified Surgeons, to Former State Prosecutors, to even a board-certified thirty year trial attorneys. His firm employs over 75 people currently. His team focuses on all types of cases, whether it is a personal injury, auto accident, wrongful death, and so forth. His team is completely dedicated into getting the best outcome for clients. Dan Newlin and his lawyers are not just invested in the winnings of the case but also the best interest for their client. They truly want the best for their clients and making sure they are getting the best treatment that they can give.

Dan Newlin and his firm staff are highly qualified lawyers who take their job seriously. They do not take their clients for granted and strive to be their best. His success can be clearly seen in the spread of his firm in two totally different states. Dan Newlin has worked hard so that his name and firm is a reputable, trusted law firm that people can come to who have serious problems. They are honest and trustworthy and will tell you how it is. They have no interest in hurting their clients. Recently they have started opening up to helping cases involving falsely accused crimes, and so forth. They offer a plethora of legal services for their clients. You are going to want the best to represent you when going to court. Dan Newlin and his team truly are the best when it comes to handling these kinds of matters.

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