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White House: U.S. economy 'incredibly strong' amid volatile markets

The Trump administration on Tuesday took credit for the “incredibly strong” U.S. economy, even as global markets continued their recent wild ride.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the economy remained strong and was better off with President Donald Trump in office.

“There’s nothing that’s taken place over the last couple of days in our economy that’s fundamentally different than it was two weeks ago, and we’re very comfortable with where we are right now,” Sanders said at Tuesday’s news briefing.

U.S. markets ended the day higher, after a selloff that saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s worst one-day point drop. European and Asian markets continued their declines.

Sanders said on Tuesday that the president had no second thoughts about taking credit for the economy and that unemployment remained historically low.

“The economy is incredibly strong right now,” she said. “We’re infinitely better off today than where we were before the president took office, particularly on the economy. We have historically low unemployment and we actually have increasing wages for American workers.”

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