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Vijay Eswaran, Inspirational Businessman

Entrepreneurship is a trade that is quite difficult for anyone to achieve. For someone like Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian descended from Indian emigrants, this seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream. Yet, at 52 years old, he managed to found and run his own multinational conglomerate, write best-selling books, and speak to many of his fellowmen about how they can succeed. Truly, Vijay Eswaran is an exception to the rule, and he wants to help others succeed as well as he does.

Eswaran teaches through his books and his speeches that people should do their best to make a difference in the communities they live in. In his bestselling book ‘Sphere of Silence’, he emphasizes the importance of slowing down and taking in the sights and sounds of life, such as listening to people and searching for a direction. Promoting ethical and proactive behavior, his beliefs are quite similar to the famous pacifist leader Mahatma Gandhi. Such beliefs have been considered deviant to traditional business practices, but Eswaran has been praised for making it work.

He also pushed for political and economic reform in his home country of Malaysia, as well as India. It was his belief that closing off businesses to avoid competition and overlooking smaller businesses are responsible for the economic decline in India. In Malaysia, he encouraged the Indian population to speak up and actively participate in government affairs. Through his written and spoken words, he managed to inspire many people to become proactive politically and economically.

For his efforts in innovative business practices, Eswaran has received many awards. In 2013, he received the MBA, an award that recognizes Malaysian businessmen who have made breakthroughs in business. In addition, he has earned the NGI and GBIM awards, and has been hailed as one of the greatest leaders in Asian business. He attributes his success to the efforts of his fellow employees at his company, the QI Group, of which he is the founder and executive chairman.

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