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Two New Trustees Join the Autism Rocks Board

Selecting members to the board of an important charity is never easy. Board members have to make critical decisions, and provide much needed guidance to ensure effective operations. With the right board members in the right position, the beneficiaries of the charity are the ones with the most to gain. Sanjay Shah recently named two of his closest friends from his university days to the board of Autism Rocks. The addition of the two men, the brothers Will and Pete Best, Autism Rocks has gained a lot of experience and enthusiasm on its board.

PR Newswire has the whole story, and it is an interesting story.

Autism Rocks focuses on private concerts for invitation-only audiences. The charity was founded by Sanjay Shah, a successful and wealthy former investment firm professional. Shah previously founded the company Solo Capital, and took the company to multi-million dollar heights of success.

Shah became interested in raising funds for autism research due to his personal experiences with the condition. His son was diagnosed with autism, and now Shah wants to help fund research and raise awareness levels.

Will and Pete Best are now helping Shah with his goals.

One would think Pete Best has a musical background since he shares the same name as the original drummer for The Beatles. Sibling Will Best is the one with a lifetime of work in various capacities in the music industry. His presence as a trustee is going to be a huge help.

Experience in the music business counts for a lot. Not only does someone with a musical background help with the logistics of setting up a show and booking a band, the person understands a bit about audience reactions. Knowing an audience’s wants and needs boosts the chances of making a concert event highly successful.

Pete Best’s background is in finance, and this is an extremely helpful background to have. Charities do need to manage their finances well in order to remain solvent. Pete Best surely can help in these and other fiscal matters.

Look for more news from Autism Rocks in the near future as these two men take their board positions.

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