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Trump, The Russian Puppet

Decades ago, when the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev loudly threatened to bury the United States, such an idea would have seemed outlandish. The United States was the world’s preeminent military power. Russia was a dying bureaucracy with a restless population aching for democratic reform. Today, Khrushchev’s strange vow is becoming more and more relevant.


We now have a U.S. president who is trying to hide the deep Russian involvement and interference in his election. Trump’s election team spent time communicating with Russian officials before the election. This includes the current Attorney General Sessions, who has been asked to excuse himself from the ongoing congressional investigation of the new incumbent. Obama officials made it a point before exiting office to keep their information about Trump’s ties with Russia readily available for the civil servants to find once the new transition team came into office.


The American thinker points out how communism is not dead in Russia. It has merely gone covert. Putin is seizing an opportunity to destabilize the United States, Russia’s old rival. Keeping claws in the current executive administration of the Federal government is a good way to start.


Russia may be planning something bigger than the United States is ready for. Russia may have the firepower to crush the United States overseas. If a attack on the U.S. mainland was a surprise, even worse consequences could result. The fact that the United States may have elected a Russian stooge to the highest office in the land is unacceptable and speaks much as to the current decline of our nation.


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