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It appears that more than half of the voters living in the United States today seem to have their opinions of GOP Presidential 2016 candidate Donald Trump on quite an incline. This differs dramatically from what has been seen towards the end of 2015 and all throughout 2016, in which nominee Mr. Trump had quite a strong and wide level of followers and fans across the nation and even in some parts of the globe internationally. Mr. Trump has certainly lost his popularity quite a bit, and that will strongly affect him in this long run for President of the United States of America…..will he make it? Will he be able to hang on and increase in the polls once again, rising to potential new and pre-existing levels? It seems that only time will tell. We as citizens of this great country must indeed wait and be patient, and of course, go out there & vote! The future of the nation depends on it, whether great or small. One vote is all.

According to an online web site news source which may be retrieved and read in full here (, I do quote:

“Sixty-five percent said that there would be race riots in major cities during a Trump administration, and 44 percent believe Trump would authorize internment camps for illegal immigrants.Those views are also held by a significant number of voters who are Trump supporters.” (pg. 1)

The most fascinating part of this news source online content here, in my opinion, is the mere fact that such voters here listed include those who were great supporters of Trump to begin with….and in the earlier run of things. This is truly fascinating when you stop to reflect and truly think about it, because it makes you wonder……if this is from those within his support base, fan base, and own administration, then it begs a question which we all need to seriously ask. That question is: who outside of these areas agrees with such views and loss of optimistic potential overall outlook towards the candidate? Few and far between, it seems to be…..only few and far between now remain. I believe that Mr. Trump has lost a serious amount of followers and voters, as time tells.

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