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Troy McQuagge: Recognizing a Hardworking Man’s Effort

The chief executive office of the USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge, was given the Gold Winner distinction and the CEO of the Year award during the culmination of the One Planet Awards. The award is given by the One Planet Awards, one of the most prestigious award giving bodies in the corporate world. The award is being given to honor every industries around the world showcasing excellent performance in doing business and profession. The award giving body is encouraging every organization on the planet to submit eligible nominations, and it includes a vast array of organizations including private and public organizations, profit and non-profit organizations, and even small startups and large corporations.

Troy McQuagge became a part of the USHealth Group in 2010 and he set his goal to turn the company from a small scale performer to one of the most competitive companies in the industry. He managed to rebuild the company’s distribution agency, becoming one of the top performing arms of the USHealth Group. He succeeded in reshaping the USHealth Advisors arm, and because of his achievements, he was elected as the company’s president in 2014. His leadership with the USHealth Group resulted to the success of the company, and he registered record breaking profits and revenues. The company grew exponentially under his leadership, and his tenure resulted in the right management of all the smaller arms working under the umbrella of the USHealth Group. The company also became one of the most competitive in the health insurance market, and the number of customers who are getting insurance policies from them swelled to more than 15 million people. Troy McQuagge stated how grateful he is receiving the award, and he added that he will keep on doing his best to contribute for the company’s success. He also thanked the employees working for the USHealth Group, and he highlighted that they are the ones to be thanked for the success that the company is experiencing. He added that without them, the company would never be able to do such feat, and every small contribution that each employee makes results to the success of the USHealth Group.

According to Troy McQuagge, the award that was given to him is a testament to the commitment of the USHealth Group to provide affordable and reliable healthcare to every person in the United States. The coverage that the USHealth Group provides shows how the company cares for the people.

The USHealth Group is a health insurance provider in the US. They are known to provide affordable and reliable health insurance plans to customers, and gives them the freedom to customize their coverage. The USHealth Group has transformed to become one of the most competitive in the industry. Visit:

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