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Troy McQuagge Made Choices to Improve USHEALTH Group’s Mission

Troy McQuagge is the president and the CEO of USHEALTH Group. As the leader of the company, he knew it would take a lot of work to make sure he was doing things right for other people. He also knew he would need to give back to people as part of his job. He didn’t want to continue working hard and never being able to put things back into the community because he knew how important it was for his company to be successful. As long as he was helping other people with things that would make their own lives better, he felt confident he could give people a chance to experience the best of everything. He wanted to spend time helping instead of trying to make things harder while he was looking at different options that were available to people who were a major part of the industry.

The point of HOPE was to help people. The name came from Helping Other People Everyday. That was the mission Troy McQuagge had for USHEALTH Group and it continues to be their mission while they are giving attention to problems that people might be having. Troy McQuagge knew this was something that would be beneficial to the communities he worked with and knew there would be other ways for people to feel good about themselves thanks to everything that was going on in the insurance industry. It allowed Troy McQuagge the chance to keep showing people how things would get better. Read more about Troy McQuagge US Health at Slideshare

Even though Troy McQuagge started out as the president when the company was very small, he decided to help the company grow. He knew what it needed and always worked hard to provide those opportunities for growth to the company. Now, USHEALTH Group is over 10 times larger than it was when it first started. Troy McQuagge knew there would be growth, but he never expected there to be that much of a positive impact while he was working to make the industry better. He did everything he could to be sure USHEALTH Group had every opportunity to be successful.

Thanks to Troy McQuagge, there had been many changes that were going on in the industry. He knew what it would take to keep pushing forward and keep helping USHEALTH Group grow until it got to a point where people didn’t have to worry about the way the company was going to work. Troy McQuagge US Health had always done his best to make sure there would be opportunities and chances for people to enjoy the insurance the company was offering. It was his way of giving the community what they needed no matter where they were going with different issues they had.

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