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Troy McQuagge And Hope Project Making Headway.

We all know that donations of time and money can help people within local communities but no one has formulated a program better that Troy McQuagge USHealth. By using some cute word play, proper management staff and a group of independent contractors, this program called H.O.P.E. is making a huge change in the lives of many.

In case you are wondering the letters of the word hope stand for helping other people everyday. This program was started in 2010 when Troy McQuagge because President of USHEALTH Advisors also known as USHA. This company and it’s other companies have been experiencing rapid growth and Troy used HOPE to help communities that were having it hard when disasters like the hurricane names Katrina came through.

There seemed no limit to the things that the project could do. They rebuilt people’s homes. After giving many man hours to the residents of Mid-City and New Orleans the project moved on and continued to do more good. They gave out clothes and put shoes on people’s feet and put food in the mouth of starving babies. It became quite clear that this project was helping other people everyday. Read more on Slideshare about Troy McQuagge USHealth

It became quite clear to the leaders of the organization that leadership was not something you did in an office building. Leaders are the people who are CEOS and people who are hanging out shoes to people in need. The HOPE project became something the company had to talk more in-depth about and they did at the next Leaders Meeting held in Phoenix. That year that gave more than $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona which is a place where people who have children with cancer and other life threatening illness can go for help and support. The following year USHEALTH gave another $45,000 to a new opened HOPEKids chapter in North Texas.

As more and more talks started to lead the way, more and more money was given and more and more help has been offered. This HOPE project continues to be a project that is important and continues to be true to it’s mission of helping other people everyday.

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