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‘The Transgender Bathroom Bill Should not be Overturned’, Betsy DeVos

Donald Trump administration wants to pull out guidance that protects transgender children learning from public schools. Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary, received the draft with a lot of opposition. Donald Trump administration gave the guidance that annulled the protections given to the transgender children in 2016 during President Obama’s reign.

Betsy DeVos was publicly engaged when the guidance came. Her message was that protecting every American child was their responsibility. Besides, every student has the right to be free to learn and grow in an environment that they trust. Betsy DeVos was right when she said that an issue like this one was not a federal consent, but rather a moral obligation, which no individual, state or any law should relinquish. Betsy is empowered in her capacity to give direction and command to the Civil Rights department to investigate any claims or suspicions on harassment of any kind, or bullying.

Betsy reacted to the bill by reminding President Trump of the public pledge that he gave about protecting all students. This bill, she added would be going against his promise. She added that the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights would conduct investigations to ensure that every student was protected. On realizing that the Supreme Court was the driving force behind this transgender and bathroom use bill, Betsy quickly thought of a way to let everything concerning the previous direction go without making the children feeling like they are not well protected.

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Former President’s administration had put in place standards that protected transgender children. The Justice and Education departments are in the process of reversing these protections. The Federal Law protects transgender students and allows them to use restrooms and bathrooms that match their sexual identities. Trump’s administration is against these protections on grounds that they lack proper legal analysis and formal public process.

According to the White House spokesman, President Trump had explained that the federal level was not the best level to address the issue. Civil rights officials were not in support of the previous administration’s position on transgender protection rights of using the bathrooms they chose. Betsy DeVos explained her fears about the possible harm that the withdrawing of these protection rights could have on the transgender students, hence her position.

The DeVos family started a philanthropic fund in 1989, which has allowed them to donate millions of dollars to Republican candidates and other charitable activities. Her philanthropy seeks to support her Christian values and beliefs as well as the political view. Her support for children rights makes her the best person to run the education department. Her foundation gave 10million dollars to different organizations and would give an additional 3.2 million dollars in grants. Her goal is to protect the rights of the most vulnerable children in schools such as the transgender students.

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