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Too Many Conflicting Court Decisions

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 30, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court told the National Security Agency that it could continue to collect American phone data during a transition period even though the original ruling that permitted the NSA to collect the data expired on June 1st and another court told the NSA it should have never been collecting the data. By this morning, the ACLU appealed the FISA court’s ruling in federal court requesting that FISA and the NSA be stopped.

As several people at Boraie Development have pointed out, the data collected by the NSA did not actually help improve the security of the nation. They can’t understand why the NSA is so insistent that it needs data that according to the agency’s own claims had zero impact.

The pressure to keep the program running has a lot of people wondering if the NSA has lied about the nature of the data it has been collecting. Could it be that the National Security Agency is not merely collecting metadata? Several conspiracy theorists have offered up the theory that the agency might have been collecting actually voice calls and text messages as well. If so, the NSA’s actions would prove to be the greatest privacy breach in American history.

Whatever the reason for FISA’s decision, officials at the ACLU have already said that they will fight FISA and the NSA until the program is put to an end permanently.

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