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Todd Lubar Making Real Estate his Global Reality

Todd Lubar made a career decision in 1995 to be an intricate part of finance and Real Estate.He started this path as a loan originator and learned all he could in the Mortgage banking business. He built his foundation wisely. During his tenure, he grew a personal list of referrals from relationships he developed with insurance agents, CPA’s, Real Estate agents and financial planners. In 1999, Todd Lubar acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group.There, he was able to lend as a direct Mortgage Banker and broker loans to outside investors.In 2002, he went into business for himself and started Legendary Properties, LLC. His company grew quickly by him purchasing and rehabbing, then reselling over 200 units including multi-family properties. Lubar made many friends in business along the way as he was responsible for the total management of the projects until they were ready and up to standard.He also grew in his relationships with major banking institutions that allowed him to establish credit lines of up to 20 million dollars.

The First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the US, was opened by Todd Lubar in 2003.He continued to serve his clients in new and inventive ways. He started Legendary Financial LLC which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. This venture is a commercial lending source for both individuals and companies. With this new company, he was in the position to help over 7000 borrowers who may have otherwise been overlooked by traditional lending agencies.

In 2007 and 2008, when the market was slowing, Todd Lubar started exploring different facets of the Real Estate business. He was able to acquire very large contracts in commercial demolition from some of the largest general contractors in the country. He also became involved with the Automotive Scrap metal recycling business.He excelled in that arena to the point his business was able to sell in the public market place.Todd Lubar is a man that continues to exhaust every possible avenue in the area of Real Estate. No wonder he is a global force to be reckoned with.

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