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The Threat Is Bad Enough

The threat of domestic violence is sometimes worse than the actual act when men feel free to just tell women they are going to hit them. Apparently, the guard who was dismissed from the Louisville basketball team threatened to smack a woman.

Zeca Oliveira has heard that the people around the Louisville basketball team were not privy to what happened, but the story is coming out now. More on Oliveira can be found on his Facebook page. Rick Pitino seemed completely disinterested in Jones when he talked about him over the weekend, and it appears that there was a good reason why. This guy apparently thinks that he owns the campus, but he is now off the team.

This is a sad end to a decent story. Jones could have been a good player, but he allowed the athlete’s life to go to his head. He also forced himself on people with his ego. You do not simply tell a woman you are going to smack her unless you think that you are capable of doing anything you want and getting away with it. Not only does Rick Pitino not have time for that, but he is simply too old for this. Millenials are not the problem, but guys like Jones are clearly a brand new problem in college sports.

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