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The Supreme Court Just Stopped Texas From Closing Almost All Of Its Abortion Clinics

The Supreme Court last Monday stopped main parts of Anti-abortion of Texas from taking effect, which would have led to the closing of all but 9 abortion clinics within the state. The stay is going to remain in position whilst abortion rights lawyers get ready to forward their case trying to overturn parts of Texas law to Supreme Court.

The court’s 4 greatest conservative justices; Chief Justice John Roberts as well as Justices Antonio Scalia, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas, disagreed from that order, showing that they would allow the shutdown of the clinics.

The case involves 2 parts of state Law, which imposes punitive requirements on people providing abortion stated Zeca Oliveira. The first part requires that every abortion clinic within the state meets the principles for “ambulatory surgical centers,” including guidelines concerning buildings, apparatus as well as staffing. The other part requires that physicians carrying out abortions to possess admitting rights at a neighboring hospital.

Other portions of this law became effective in 2013, leading to approximately half of the 41 abortion clinics within the state to close.

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