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The State of Assisted Living Facilities in the US

In the coming years, the growth of assisted living is going to be fueled by millions of baby boomers who will be retiring over the coming decade. This development comes at a time when the life expectancy in the US continues to rise. In 2009, US was home to about 30,000 Assisted Living Facilities (AFL’s) which catered for more than 1 million residents. Assisted living facilities are crucial in providing essential services to seniors who need help with certain activities of daily living. The assistance provided to residents at AFL’s include; eating, bathing, dressing and grooming. Statistics indicate that most people who live in retirement communities depend on the incomes derived from their investment portfolios, revenues from sold assets and money from personal savings.

When it comes to preferences, residents and their families typically prefer living in retirement communities that is close to their hearts; for example, an environment that reminds them of their home. To meet the needs of residents, assisted living facilities have invested in amenities such as beauty salons, commercial kitchens, dining rooms, bistros, and indoor swimming pools. The other specialized amenities include pet-friendly environment and golfing communities. The regulations that govern the running of Assisted Living Facilities mostly come from the state, although a number of federal laws also exist. The regulations include, complying with the fire and safety regulations, American Disability Act and the Fair Housing Act, among other pieces of regulations.

Manse on the Marsh is an assisted living facility that is conveniently located in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. Manse promises a bold new concept in senior living, thanks to its exceptional community services and unique lifestyle opportunities. The 135 bed assisted living facility provides a high level of service to the elderly. The services include housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry and medication assistance. The facility is very close to the highly ranked, French Hospital Medical Center and the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. The other places of interest, located within a walking distance include bookstores, shopping centers, art-dealers, ice-cream parlors, restaurants and churches.

To enhance the living experience of its residents, reviews point to the way that Manse provides resident parking, hospice services and wheelchair accessible showers. The facility also provides pet care services to pet owners. On the whole, Manse on Marsh operations are designed to bridge the gap between the nursing homes and independent living. This is the reason Manse is dedicated to creating living quarters that offer optimal quality of life, with the best staff the world has to offer. To realize these goals, the expanded team of staff at Mensa includes; nurses, podiatrists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and physical therapists among other staff members. Manse on Marsh also offers seniors an opportunity to live independently, according to their own needs and budget by offering competitive pricing plans.

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