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‘The Simpsons’ Chalkboard Gag Addresses the Show’s President Trump Prediction

The Simpsons has been a well-known show for several years. Many generations and families have watched this show as a source of entertainment. The show is well-known for having guest stars, as well as characters resembling real life celebrities. One of the most recent and biggest discussions regarding the show is that of Donald Trump. In 2000, an episode of The Simpsons was released that showed Donald Trump winning the presidential election. This is an odd phenomenon, as the episode was released almost sixteen years ago. Many people in the United States are now finding it strange that an animated show like The Simpsons had accurately predicted the fact of Donald J. Trump becoming President of the United States. According to Indie Wire, executive producer James L. Brooks said that the entire experience was “really disorienting.”


The idea of the show accurately predicting the future is an interesting one. Even with the possibility of such predictions are very minimal, the show still predicted this particular event. The Simpsons has also showed signs of predicting other significant events in the past, so the prediction of Donald Trump winning the presidential election is interesting. Even though in 2000 the idea of Donald Trump becoming president was just for the comedy of the show, it proved as an accurate prediction for this year’s election. There are many Americans that find this phenomenon odd and unexplainable. It is compelling to investigate, although there is no logic behind a prediction that proved to be true sixteen years later. There are many professionals associated with the creation and production of The Simpsons, many of which cannot explain the pinpoint accuracy of the predictions.


In conclusion, there is no real explanation behind the prediction that The Simpsons episode had produced in 2000. However, it is interesting to study the reactions of the executive producers and those involved with the show when asked about the Trump prediction. There is an even greater chance that past episodes of The Simpsons can continue to make accurate predictions for events in the United States.


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