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The Queens Of Drama Reality Show

The new reality series Queens of Drama, is scheduled to go into it’s second season in April. For soap opera fans, it’s the chance to see some of your favorite daytime actresses collaborate together on a project to write, produce, and pitch a TV pilot, in hopes that it gets picked up for the next season’s television line-up. Originally episodes of the show were just available via internet. Later the series got picked up by the POP Channel and is to air more episodes of the project.

Actresses working on the project include Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil from General Hospital, Lindsay Hartley of Passions, Hunter Tylo from The Bold and the Beautiful, Chrystee Pharris of Passions, and Donna Mills from Knot’s Landing.

The show is interesting in several aspects. It’s informative basically because you get to watch the makings of how a TV pilot is made and pitched, and it draws you in. It’ll have you hoping to see the girls reach their goal.

Each of the ladies plays themselves on the show and everyone seems to bring a unique dynamic. Donna holds weight in the industry and at first the girls all look to her for her experience, but later resent her trying to pitch the show without them. Chrystee wants everyone to get along with each other, and Hartley and Hunt disagree from time to time.

Besides producing and acting in the reality series, Hunt is a spokesperson on Facebook for the advocacy of animals. She works with the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho, to raise money for abandoned and abused animals, as well as enlisting community help in hopes that people will adopt dogs and cats as pets.

Hunt has also acted in major motion pictures like Magic Mike XXL, and with Zac Efron (The Derby Stallion) and (Sydney White) Amanda Bynes. The character that she’s most known for is One Life to Live’s Stacy Morasco. Morasco was Gigi’s sister from Vegas, who was a stripper. She came to Llandview and made it her home. Soon after she met Rex Balsom and started sleeping with him, but got pregnant by Oliver and said the child was Rex’s.  Crystal Hunt also has a great acting reel on YouTube showcasing her talents.  For her more photogenic side, check out Crystal’s photography work.

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