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The Many Faces Of IAP

IAP is one of the top companies regarding the hiring of employees in the United States. IAP Worldwide also offer support on a global basis to organizations within the United States. Using a combination of experience and technology, they support our defense agencies. Their resourcefulness allows them to solve any problems quickly and efficiently.

IAP Worldwide offers electrical services all over the world. With the building of power plants both permanent and temporary, they are able to put energy solutions firmly in place. The design and operation of these plants is provided by IAP. In the case of a disaster, they are the ones who will see to it the power comes back on. From construction to operations in the field, IAP is able to ensure the necessary power is there.

IAP also has numerous programs regarding aircrafts. They supply parts, repairs, and upgrades. Their experience on also enables them to test equipment in their many testing location facilities. All facets of communication systems for aircraft are enabled through IAP. They stand behind the government and their allies by providing the needed products and support necessary to ensure success.

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IAP hires employees with the required skill and experience that makes them one of the best in the entire industry. The commitment and passion of their employees is making an extreme difference in our world. The dedication, team work and tireless effort of IAP Worldwide employees is why they have been recognized as tops in their field. From human resources to construction to the operation of the company, they achieve the overall success of every area they cover, and every customer they engage.

IAP Worldwide was the company contacted during Hurricane Matthew for immediate assistance. They sent numerous teams to multiple locations to supply the power that had become so necessary. Their personnel helped with systems designed to provide communication and put emergency generators firmly in place with the use of experts in power. They have said they will provide whatever assistance is necessary to take care of their customers and be of assistance the individual communities.

The Cape Canaveral Office on ensured the proper region was evacuated. Their efforts were being constantly coordinated because of the severity of the storm. John Matasich is the head of IAP’s EOC staffing and worked tirelessly to accomplish whatever was needed during the course of the storm.

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