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The Legal System and Lawyers in Brazil

The Brazilian law is more or less that of civil law tradition. The legal system relies on statutes where the Federal Constitution is the principle and highest law in the country. The adjustments of the constitution only take place via a Constitutional Amendment known as Emenda Constitucional. Typical legislation has to be in compliance with legal norms and can be made at municipal, state or federal levels. Most of Brazilian Law developed from Portuguese Law due to the effect of the colonial period.

Currently, Brazil has qualified and competent attorneys in different fields of law. The lawyers have a thorough background in various proceedings that represent a broad range of clients in Brazil and all over the world. They have up to date knowledge with the current advancements in various fields, and they provide maximum attention to their clients as they are their principle concern.

In rare cases, you will find competent Brazilian lawyers who handle international cases in Brazil. Locating a lawyer who is an expert in international cases at the same time in areas such as internet law, intellectual property and corporate law can be even more daunting. Some law firms in Brazil have customized their services and offer hearing for international cases and legal translators in major locations. Different top lawyers can help you in primary legal specialties including family law, collection services, business law, intellectual property and many more.

Lawyers like Ricardo Tosto know that other Brazilian legal firms offer legal services instantly in Brazil with assistance from their team in different parts of the world. A Brazilian lawyer helps in different areas of the law as they also assist clients through the whole process. Ricardo Tosto knows that this includes from the time the lawyers start the case strategy to when they attend possible hearings in your place. In case it is an international case, you will cut costs on travelling while you get comprehensive information on the proceedings of the case on the firm’s website.

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil is an association of lawyers who are in charge of managing the legal profession in Brazil. It was established in 1930 and have its national headquarters in Brasília, Federal District. It has a total of 847,921 lawyers as at 2013 and all graduates from the University, who like to act on behalf of clients in a court of law, are required to sign up at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. Those who are registered accordingly can offer legal services and make representations before the Court.

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