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The Legacy Of Stephen Murray Will Remain

A Legacy Remembered
Unfortunately Stephen Murray is no longer with us, but his legacy as one of the world’s greatest private equity investors remains. Throughout his 31 years of service he provided sound investment advice for a variety of investment firms. In addition to his service in private investment he also served on the directors’ board of some the most prominent companies of today. He has directed companies as diverse as AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Pinnacle Foods. While he was able to produce enormous wealth he never let it compromise his principles. The doting father of 4 maintained a philanthropic record throughout his life.

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Rising To The Top
Murray graduated in 1984 with an economics degree from Boston College. From there he set about establishing himself by working for various companies looking for sound investment advice. He eventually joined the credit analyst training program of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. At MHC he was responsible for managing the private equity team responsible for the company’s shareholding. This experience gave Murray a place to cut his teeth, but eventually he moved on to the greener pastures of JP Morgan. Serving JP Morgan as the head of a buyout business Stephen Murray fulfilled his duties successfully but even then he wanted greater independence.

Standing On His Own
Eventually Murray decided to start his own investment firm and brought along with him many other former employees of JP Morgan. In 2006 Stephen Murray cofounded CCMP Capital and later in 2007 was named the CEO of CCMP Capital. As the head of the company he oversaw one of America’s most successful investment teams. Unfortunately in 2015 serious illness struck Murray and forced him to step down from his position. Regardless he is still remembered fondly by all who worked with him and his family.

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