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The Kabbalah Centre

Los Angeles, CA may be the home of The Kabbalah Centre International, but the roots and reach of the Zohar and the ancient teachings of Kabbalah are virtually limitless. There are so many different ways to receive the impactful knowledge of The Kabbalah Centre, regardless of where you are. The Kabbalah Centre is a place for students and teachers to gather together to learn and to help the world around them. The first teachers of Kabbalah would be very proud to see how far their work has come. It’s important to maintain a connection to the source of where these teachings derived from, and this is why Rav Berg and his wife Karen Berg began hosting spiritual pilgrimages for their students. For over three decades, students of The Kabbalah Centre have been able to go on Energy Tours that were designed to raise their senses and to stir their souls. During these Energy Tours students are able to walk in the same paths that the master teachers before them have walked. The guides take them into areas where miracles were performed, communities were built, and sacred texts were uncovered and taught. Since the makeup of The Kabbalah Center students is so diverse there are different language translators who also come on this tour for easier interpretation of the information being shared. Meditation, tapping into the sacred energy of the surroundings, and spiritual learning are all a part of this excursion. The Kabbalah Centre is a wonderful place to learn about these sacred teachings, and it’s a true gift to be able to visit the roots of where this wisdom came from.

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