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The Future of Prison Reform

The United States has successfully transformed the public prison system into a privatized business. While many prisons across the United States receive large funds for every bed that they can fill, there is still the undeniable fact that more of the American population is incarcerated in its prison system than that of numerous other countries. This has prompted generous donors at the MacArthur Foundation to raise necessary funds that will be rewarded to prisons who can cut their population. Now, this doesn’t mean that the prison just lets go violent criminals. For prisoners who can be released or get reduced sentences based on petty crimes, the foundation is encouraging the person to do so. There are 20 grants all worth $150,000 up for grabs by 2016. These grants will be awarded to 10 prisons that will be decided in the next few months. Many suggest, that the foundation will choose the most overpopulated and underfunded prisons to receive the grants. These 20 grants are part of a 75 million dollar push that the MacArthur Foundation has set aside to eradicate the obsession that America has on the prison complex. For too many years, government money has funded prison after prison. If you fund prisons, people will always find a way to make even petty crooks, cold hard criminals. The push from the foundation is looking to cut off that demand and instead, build a brighter future for citizens.

Thanks to Flavio Maluf for showing me this story.

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