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Since the death of the great pop artist Michael Jackson in 2009, Sergio Cortes has hit the headlines in music media as the greatest impersonator of Michael. Sergio is s Spanish born citizen. He is 43 years old and began his career long way back to his childhood. The upcoming artist by then had met Michael through his performance in the Jackson five shows. During his teenage, Sergio got an invitation to attend a photo session with a local journalist that featured Michael Jackson. He describes the opportunity as very significant and the boosted his career further.


Sergio is equally talented as Michael. He is also very similar to voice, clothing and lifestyle. The Spanish artist is has perfected his move and does it best-keeping the Michael’s fans with a taste of his songs and dances. He has performed in numerous shows around the world in tribute to Jackson shows. He describes the death of Michael as the saddest news he ever received in his career. Sergio has also received an invitation to perform as an American idol in many countries in the world.


Sergio states the power of social network as a great contributor in growing his career. They offer him a platform to disclose his works to his fans. He also receives his fans contribution and an invitation to perform in shows through the social media. Sergio is accessible through his Facebook and on Twitter accounts. Sergio has taken over the fans of the late king of pop and helped them overcome the news of his loss. He admits he misses the live Michael Jackson performance and his incorporated his memories in his everyday life. Many other artists claim to impersonate Michael, but Sergio is both outstanding and talented than them all.


According to R7, the Spanish citizen admits that his effort started paying when in his teenage. He received an invitation to the photo session that featured him dressed as Michael Jackson. The resemblance of Sergio and Michael could not go unnoticed. Sergio paid every attention to Michael’s songs, dances and his presentation to the world media. Sergio currently works with an upcoming talent developing company. It primary role is to identify the young talents and propel them to the top. The company has identified numerous groups of youthful and talented artists who describe Sergio as very committed and inspiring.

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