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Technology and Its Role in the Creation of Excellent Fashion Designs

Technology has made a positive impact in various professional fields. Not only has it contributed to the invention of new devices, but also made work easier. A prime beneficiary of technology is the fashion industry, and the significant improvements it has made over the years. A close analysis reveals the similarity in the growth of the two brands. For instance, technology adopts fashionable designs to appeal to customers. On the other hand, fashion relies on technology to produce exotic designs that captivate the interests of clients.

The symbiotic relationship between fashion and technology can be traced back during the early 70s. This period witnessed the invention of the boom box as a music player for the youth. The audio device contained two cassette decks, one to play music while the other recorded melodies. Such a device was fashionable during this particular period but later phased out during the 80s. Fast forward to the 90s, manufacturers have made a complete makeover by producing light devices that disseminated high-quality music. IPod became the norm as every music fan strives to buy one and entertain their soul.Reputable fashion designers have also embraced technology to appeal to customers and generate high revenues. For instance, Anouk Wipprecht, is known for her self-painting dresses and “avante-garde” fashion designs. The Dutch designer hailed the positive impact of technology in the production of masterpieces.

Researchers have revealed that technology needs the support of fashion to sufficiently capture interest from customers. For instance, wearing glasses had made little impact on customers across the world. However, Diane Von Furstenberg instructed her models to wear them during a recent catwalk. This move was positively received as viewers hailed the combination between the latest fashion attires and the glasses. By highlighting their intrinsic value in fashion, the top fashion designer was able to change the previous perceptions about glasses.

Innovative entrepreneurs aim at adopting technology to promote the safety of users. For instance, Alstin and Haupt are developing a bike protection gear to protect riders in the event of a fall.

Up Close with Chris Burch

Burch is the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The financial consultancy firm provides various services to its esteemed clients. Advisory services on excellent investment opportunities form the bulk of activities undertaken by the company. In addition, the enterprise boasts a remarkable portfolio of brands such as Poppin, Nihiwatu and Cocoon9.

Burch credits his immense knowledge and expertise in several sectors as crucial ingredients for company growth. He sold his first company, Eagles Eye apparel, which had generated $ 165 million before disposing of it. Chris is an alumnus of Ithaca College based in New York.

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