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Tammy Mazzocco Creates Her Own Market for Real Estate Sales

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful residential real estate agent in central Ohio who works in the four counties of Licking, Franklin, Delaware, and Fairfield. She got her start in real estate by working as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm and then moved on to become a manager for a condominium group. She attained her real estate license in 1995 because her boss wanted her to be a licensed assistant to help him with some of his projects.

In 1999, Mazzocco decided that a full-time real estate occupation was for her as she had by now seen the income potential of the business. Today she has a thriving real estate practice which keeps her busy each and every day. She likes to stay busy because that is where the action is.

In 2016 the real estate market was very good in Ohio because there were plenty of jobs and people had the money for down payments, as well as the mortgage payments. Interest rates were low and real estate was moving. Then in mid-November of that same year, a housing shortage occurred, and it created a slump in sales that was unexpected.

Mazzocco does not panic when then things occur because there is nothing that an individual can do to change the circumstances. What she does do is stick to her routine which has brought her the results over the years. Each day is a similar re-enactment of the previous day where she applies her routine of success.

In a commission-based business, a person must find out what systems will work on a consistent basis so that predictable results can be created on a regular basis. Mazzocco spends most of her time setting up times to show houses and then in the actual showing of the Homes. She knows that the phone is her best friend and that if she can speak to a prospective buyer on the phone, there is a better than an even possibility of getting them to look at homes, and that is where the sale is made.

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