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Susan McGalla’s Inspirational Career

Ethnically diverse companies perform better than those that are not diverse because they listen to new ideas. Diversity in places of work brings multiple perspectives. Even though most companies understand such statistics, few women hold C-level positions in companies. Susan McGalla sets a good example of great leadership by women. McGalla says that her upbringing influences her successful career. Susan’s father was a football coach who encouraged her to work hard. She worked to achieve what she wanted and carried the childhood lessons to her leadership positions.

Susan got regular promotions at American Eagle Outfitters due to her outstanding qualities. She was the only female executive in the company but still managed to lead them as the president. Susan is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. At the moment, she is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla has always been confident in her ability to lead others.

Most women do not find the opportunity to prove that they can become influential leaders. In the recent past, women’s initiatives and networks have been working hard to change the situation. They work hard to show that women are capable of holding executive positions. Women’s initiatives and networks give women opportunities to stand out in the corporate world. Women need to support each other in business. However, Men hold the majority of executive positions in most companies around the world.

Susan served as the Chief Merchandising Officer and President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. for 15 years. She contributed to profit growth and industry-leading revenue. Through her leadership, the company increased its revenue from $340 million to approximately $3 billion. Susan also led the company’s portfolio expansion to four brands. In 2008, the company had a net income of $400 million with four brands, 28, 000 employees and more than 1, 000 stores.

McGalla was also the CEO of The West Seal Inc for one year six months. The company’s brands, Arden B and Wet Seal, were stagnant and creatively broken for a decade. Susan managed to grow and reinvent the two brands. McGalla researched and developed the best brand strategy positioning for the brands. She also initiated a 3-5 year budget, creative strategic and financial process. Susan hired world class professionals at middle and executive management levels.

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