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Susan McGalla’s Ideas on Gender Diversity in Leadership

Businesses with gender diversity have a 15 percent chance to outperform big organizations. Similarly, ethnically diverse organizations have a 35 percent chance of beating large enterprises. Diversity brings about openness and as a result, multiple ideas are generated.

Susan Mcgalla’s Success Story

Susan has not only struggled to get to the top but also helped make way for women into leadership. Susan grew in a male-dominated family where the girl child was never given a chance. However, she didn’t give up; she worked hard until she was at high-level positions. When she started at American Eagle Outfitters, she couldn’t grow up the ranks as it was a male-dominated industry. However, before exiting the firm she had worked as the president. Susan the founded P3 Consulting. Currently, McGalla is the vice president of business strategy and creative development for The Pittsburgh Steelers. Again, these industries are male-dominated and she still manages to run the companies.

More than Just Women Initiatives

Women leadership initiative will never answer the question for lack of women inclusion. These initiatives support women and share ideas with them. These initiatives have worked for years but no change yet. Why?

These initiatives have failed to address the underlying issues that prevent change from happening. Although it is critical to support other women in business, these efforts have not succeeded as men still control a bigger majority of corporate power across the globe. If these initiatives were the good enough, more women would be included in the business world.

Executive Sponsorship Could Help

Sponsorship opportunities could be the only way to end gender discrimination. Sponsors can work with women to create opportunities and stand as advocates for women to ensure they fill executive roles. They also provide incentives and motivate women to succeed.

Susan McGalla

Susan is an American businesswoman and served as the vice president of business strategy and creative development at The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC. She also served as the president of America Eagle Outfitters and as CEO of Wet Seal. McGalla holds a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College.

Susan McGalla is an inspiration to many women who aspire to be in leadership positions. Her career began at Joseph Horne Company where she held multiple marketing and managerial positions before joining American Eagle Outfitters.

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