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Spring Cleaning In Time For Passover With Handy

Passover is a very special time of the year for my family. We want our to be as clean as possible in order to welcome in the holiday. We know that a clean house is a great house. This year, however, I’ve been so busy with our new baby that I haven’t had as much time to make the house as clean as I would like it to be. So that’s why I started to investigate the possibility of hiring a cleaning lady. I could really use some help during this time of the year to make my house look even better when we have our seders in our home.

Help From Handy

I went looking for a cleaning service to hire and it was really hard to to find one. After two tries with people who didn’t seem to know what they’re doing, I decided it was time to try a new approach. This is why investigated online and found that people were recommending Handy. Handy is an app that does the legwork in searching out a cleaning service for people. I know the importance to finding reliable help. As I found out firsthand, it can be very hard to find a service that is right. Handy makes it easier for people like to locate the right kind of cleaning services for our needs.

Working With Them

After a short time spend online with Handy, I was able to find many listings in my area alone. I was so pleased. Rather than the need to interview multiple people, all I had to do was call one company. I called a company I found listed on the site and the results have been marvelous. The cleaning service showed up at my door exactly when I asked them to come. I went shopping for our seder. In turn, they spent that time cleaning my house to my specifications. I came home and found they had followed all of my instructions. My house was just as I had wanted it to be. I am so happy I chose to work with Handy.

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