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Small Lifestyles, Big Results

People work long hours their whole lives just to achieve the “white picket fence” dream so many of us have longed for. “Bigger is better” seems to be the general way of thinking when it comes to houses, cars and property. Yet there are growing number of people who are harnessing the belief that less is more.


You may not be familiar with the tiny house movement, but despite it’s name this mentality is creating big waves. For those who want to escape the financial burdens that a traditional approach to life often brings, downsizing becomes a necessity. Others choose to condense their lives in order to travel more frequently while there are some that have their very own unique reasons for deciding to shrink their living spaces.


Financial independence and debt freedom seem to be the most common reasons among tiny home owners for making the change. This is certainly the case for Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith, a couple once unhappy in their traditional lives because of financial stress. After downsizing to a minimal 128-square-feet tiny house on wheels, they claim their lives are more stable and carefree.


Another reason that some have chosen the way of minimalism is to create a more focused meaning in their lives. This has certainly been the case for Dee Williams after returning from a trip to Guatemala. After having lived in a 3 bedroom house, she designed and built an 84-square-feet house that accommodates her perfectly. It may seems small, but Dee insists the downsize has given her life a new meaning and has taught her what is meaningful and what is waste.


Travel and adventure were on the minds of Danielle and Mat when they made the choice to become full-time nomads. Following a terrible car accident that Mat was involved in, the couple decided that they wanted more time with each other now, not more things. So they set out on what may be the most drastic downsize yet and transitioned from a home to a converted cargo van. They say they are thankful they made the decision to spend their time with each other, rather than working long hours for things they didn’t need.


These minimalists are just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of individuals, couples and families have found their own personal reasons to drastically downsize. These small homes have made a big impression on the environmentally conscious, the financial struggling, and the wandering spirits.


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