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Sergio Cortes Journey To Success

Even if people wouldn’t admit to this, great obsession lies deep within the public of the celebrities we have today. Gossip newspapers and magazines will not rest at anything and watch people starve out of lack of information about the lives of the rich and famous. At times, celebrities are attributed with negative things and remarks in the media but this will not easily deter then from following their entertainers.
Sergio Cortes, out of his obsession and love for Michael Jackson, the pop singer, he has made a career. He took to impersonation of Jackson and what was just a mere hobby of mimicking his looks and performances grew into a broad career path. His impersonation skills are now widely showcased through his performances worldwide.

As a child, Corte’s love for Jackson was still on the peak. He couldn’t just afford to miss out on his videos on television. From this the obsession grew and continually watched video and television appearances to emulate Michael Jackson’s singing style and movements. He followed closely with his act as Michael Jackson climbed the ladder to greatness doing his thing just for fun purposes. When Michael Jackson later got recognition as the largest selling pop act in history, Corte’s earned more attention with his imitation of the pop star.
Corte’s journey to fame now began. His resemblance to Jackson was amazing and it is through this that he was spotted by a local news photographer. The photographer took a photo of him to publish it in the newspaper next day after he had approved oblivious of the impending. Soon after the publication of the picture, Cortes was in the middle of a media field day and his popularity was viral overnight. Later on, he was approached by a management company specializing in impersonation shows to stage a show imitating Michael Jackson. He accepted the offer and since then has been performing as Michael Jackson.
On the streets, people cannot simply get enough of the amusement of how much he resembles Jackson hence attracting many loyal fans. His social media platforms flock with thousands of likes and endless comments from his great followers. In Brazil, his home country, he has been featured on multiple television shows worldwide and he is a celebrity of a kind. Following his dreams, Cortes has developed a career and attained great acceptance as the best celebrated imitator in the world.

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