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Seattle Genetics aims to employ more workers and expand its drug pipeline

Following a recent visit by Vice President Joe Bidden to Seattle on matters involving cancer research and treatment, the cancer research community in the Puget Sound region has been in the spotlight of late. Seattle Genetics, a cancer drug company, is one of the many cancer research and treatment centers that characterize the Puget Sound region. The company is seeking to expand the use of its first commercialized drug labeled Adcetris and open up its drug market with new medicines. Besides yet again hiring more workers to support operations. The move typifies the ambition of Seattle Genetics and highlights the role of Seattle as a hub of cancer research.

According to Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics’ CEO, the company is conducting a series of tests on its commercialized drug Adcetris in various cancer treatment environments. He further added that at the moment, Adcetris is being experimented in over seventy tests against different forms of lymphomas. More importantly, Seattle Genetics is carrying out a Stage 3, or innovative clinical research, which employs Adcetris as the primary treatment solution for newly detected Hodgkin lymphoma, which previously had no treatment. The findings of this particular clinical experiment promise to have a major impact on Seattle Genetics, according to Mr. Siegall.

Adcetris is employed mainly to combat lymphomas. In 2015, the drug recorded a whopping $226 million in sales in the US and Canada. In 2016, sales projections in those countries are expected to be between $255 and $275 million. The company partners with Takeda Pharmaceutical, which sells the Adcetris drug beyond the US and Canadian borders.

Besides Adcetris, Seattle Genetics is currently developing 12 new drugs. This year, the company aims to conduct Stage 3 clinical tests for a drug dubbed 33A, which is used to fight acute myeloid leukemia. Moreover, the company has also developed two drugs to treat bladder cancer and one for breast cancer. Meanwhile, Clay revealed Seattle Genetics’ plans to employ 100 more workers in the US and approximately 20 to its administrative center in Switzerland before the end of 2016.

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and sits at the leadership helm of Seattle Genetics. He is a qualified scientist through training having earned a Ph.D. in Genetics and a B.S. in Zoology. Prior to co-establishing Seattle Genetics, Mr. Siegall has previously worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as well as the National Cancer Institute. He is a board member at Mirna Therapeutics, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Washington Roundtable and Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

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