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Rosie's comeback: O'Donnell slams Trump in new interview

The Rosie and Donald show is back.

In her first comments since being ridiculed by Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary debates, Rosie O’Donnell blasts the businessman for representing the worst of “what the United States is or could be.”

The talk-show host likened the GOP front-runner to the dark side in “Star Wars” and Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, and refers to him as an “orange person” in a WABC Radio in an interview airing on Sunday

“I think it’s an epic battle worthy of a new Star Wars movie. You have to decide. Are you going to be with the force or are you goin’ to be on the dark side? It’s your choice. Just like Harry Potter, he’s like Lord Voldemort. You know stay away from the dementor.”

When asked by host Rita Cosby if Trump is qualified to be president, O’Donnell said “he’s not even qualified to run a game show.”

O’Donnell also predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the New York primary and Bernie Sanders, after the loss, would concede.

“She will ask him to help her to get to the White House, which is the goal that will protect all of humanity as well as the nation’s reputation,” she said.

Trump and O’Donnell have engaged in a long-running feud, often criticizing each other over Twitter and in news interviews, in which Trump has called her both a “bully” and a “loser.”

Trump has yet to respond to O’Donnell’s latest broadside.

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