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Ricardo Tosto Wins All The Time

Brazilian law is mainly derived from the Portuguese civil law. Moreover, the Brazilian legal system is primarily based on statutes. However, there was a slight change in 2004 when a rule was passed that recognized prior court rulings as precedents that could be used in common law. There are over 1 million lawyers in Brazil, a factor that shows that the legal system in the country is mature. Sao Paulo has the largest number of lawyers as over quarter a million lawyers practice their profession in the city. Rio-de-Janeiro also has many lawyers since close to 150, 000 lawyers reside and practice there. The common name by which lawyers in Brazil are known is Advogados.


The state bars in Brazil are responsible for regulating the legal profession in the country. The Brazilian Bar Association oversees the activities of all other bars. The foreign lawyers do not enjoy the same privileges as the local lawyers in Brazil. In fact, the law only recognizes the lawyers, who have sat for the AOB examination and passed. To qualify for the exam, one must have studied law in Brazil or in bodies that adhere to AOB terms and conditions. The foreign lawyers are also not permitted to employ local lawyers unless the latter call off their titles. At the same time, the foreign lawyers are not expected to seek for employment under the Brazilian Lawyers. Moreover, foreigners are not allowed to consult the Brazilian law in making their decisions, and they should also not appear in Brazilian courts. As such, the Brazilian law seems to be very restrictive to foreigners, unlike other countries that allow free admission to foreign lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a popular Brazilian Lawyer and entrepreneur. Many people term Ricardo as a strategist, who wins most of his cases by strategy. Hardly does Ricardo Tosto lose a case in the courtroom, and that has earned him many national and international clients.

Ricardo Tosto has represented governments, NGOs, pro-Bono, high ranking individuals, companies. No matter how hard winning is, Ricardo often wins his cases. Ricardo knows his limits, and he stretches to the highest to win for his clients. For more info about us: click here.

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