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With the current technology frenzy, various inventions are popping up each day. Different industries are deeming it necessary for them to create new inventions so as to remain relevant in the market. Machines that were once fictional are now emerging into the real world as new inventions.


A Machine Learning Sensor also known as RadarCat (Radar Categorization for Input and Interaction using Soli) is among the recent inventions that have taken the market by surprise. This article will look at how the sensor can be integrated into the market to serve the community as a whole.


About RadarCat

The system was invented at St. Andrews University in Scotland by a team of people who study radar technology and Google’s project Soli. The project is based on identifying objects by a simple scan from the RadarCat. The inventions enable identification and classifications of objects through Google’s Project Soli by a simple scan.


The system tracks movement near its sensors. The system will eliminate human contact with machines. For instance, you can switch a machine on or off by a simple hand gesture. The team at St. Andrews introduces Soli to materials such as glasses of water, copper, keyboards, and mouse pads whereby it allowed the system to record database of entities that could be instantly identified through radar sweeps.


Uses of RadarCat

  • Tangible Painting App – The system picks up color from its surrounding and inputs the same into the computer. By a simple swipe through a colored material, you can have the same color onto a computer software.
  • A body scan – The system was programmed to open up different applications when held close to different body parts.
  • Automatic alert system – We can use the system in the form of a robot at restaurants for beverage refills.



Inventions are changing how people relate to machines in current times. People are accepting and learning how to cope with machines. The RadarCat is a revolutionary design that could be used to help a lot of individuals in the community. The system can be used to help people with visual impairments. Also, different useful applications can also be created from Soli to replace some manual works.

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