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QNet Serves Their Employees, Clients, And Community

In central China resides a prominent entrepreneur who is a true and seasoned leader
in the competitive direct selling industry. He embarked on his career
after earning a Socioeconomic degree from the London School of
Economics by working several industrial and customer service related
jobs in Europe. Notably, Vijay Eswaran is currently the co-founder
and Executive Chairman of QNet where he has expanded their exceptional
wellness services into over 100 countries such as Africa, the United
States, India, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Eswaran’s educational training at London School of Economics in
addition to his multi-level marketing experience helped him gain a
valuable understanding of the direct selling sector. Approximately tenyears after he completed his college pursuits, he partnered withJoseph Bismark to launch QNet in 1998. This e-commerce based
conglomerate was developed in Asia and was originally named the Q1
Group, however, as the company rapidly expanded, the two strategic
entrepreneurs rebranded their business model and, today, this
extremely lucrative enterprise is known as QNet.

With growing knowledge in the direct sales sector, Eswaran and histeam at QNet envisioned a goal in which they could present the bestcomprehensive portfolio of unprecedented wellness offerings. According
to their e-commerce website, this renowned company currently maintains
beneficial services and products related to personal care, skincare,
home care, nutrition, telecommunications, education, vacation
packages. Weight management, and beauty enhancements. Moreover, the
independent distributors are skilled in promoting their extensive
selection of unique offerings to diverse group of health minded
individuals. Unlike many retail location-based companies, this
face-to-face marketing approach establishes genuine trust and rapport
among the representative and consumer which ultimately results in
increased sales. Notably, this past year, QNet generated approximately
$750 million in revenue.

Also on the QNet website is unique approach to direct selling which is
labeled “Global Reach. Local Presence.” Essentially, the executives
strongly believe in globalized business strategy encompassing
outstanding customer service. In order to maintain a true online
international appearance, the team ensures that each product delivery
is tailored to the potential consumer’s distinguished life enhancement
needs and desires. This personal touch and sincere understanding
enables consumers to confidently purchase products from a borderless
online interface. Notably, Eswaran supports this exceptional and
tangible service approach with the inclusion of professional product
training, networking seminars, and business skills development events
for their global force of independent distributors. Most prominently,
with representatives offices and agencies around the world, QNet is
truly committed to constructing a successful entity by effectively
serving their employees and customers.

In addition to their professional endeavors, Eswaran and his team are
actively involved in philanthropy organizations. Notably, the company
strongly believes in service to their employees, patrons, and the

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