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Qnet and the Online Marketing Business

The trend of conducting business is changing with the discovery of new ways to market. The world is slowly turning into a global village where people can get in touch with each other even while miles away. This has been made possible by internet which enables people from all corners of the world to connect. Business people have not been left behind in the use of internet. They use internet to market their products to thousands of clients not only in their locality but worldwide through the use of internet. Online marketing has been of great use to business people as it increases customer base and also makes it easier to make a product known to the customers. It is the demand for marketing products in the internet that has made people come up with companies that help other companies market their products online.

Qnet is one of the leading companies when it comes to e-commerce that has perfected in the field of direct selling. With over 16 years of operation, the Asian based company has customers from over 100 countries worldwide. Direct selling is when the product is sold directly to the customers away from the retail position. The company deals with variety of products which range from personal care, home care, luxury and collection, weight management, communication related products as well as nutrition products among many others.

The company’s main focus is to promote the welfare and lifestyle of the consumers who are mainly people in the fitness industry. There are also various services offered by the online company such as educational courses as well as vacations in different destinations. For a person to access the services, they are advertised in the company’s website.

The company mainly deals with products that have been manufactured by other producers where it gains a franchise to distribute. The company has however started producing their own products which have gained popularity in the market. Examples of the products that the company has started to manufacture include energy drinks and wrist watches.

The company started its operations in India over 13 years ago but has since extended its operations to other countries mainly in Asia. The problem with operating business in India is that there are many tough rules governing the online transaction business which has made it easier for Qnet to operate smoothly. The company is however determined to deal with all the challenges by gaining more confidence among their consumers. They have also made sure that the company has complied with all the regulations that govern the industry. This is according to Zaheer Merchant who is the company’s director of corporate affairs. Qnet has continued to make a name for itself in the online direct marketing business.

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