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Protected By OneLogin: What Makes Them A Different Company

The tech world is constantly changing and evolving into a more reliable and user friendly system by the day. Most people own not just one, but multiple smart devices which usually carry some very important information on them. Take a moment and think about how many passwords you must type to log on to your computer and check your email. After you get that number, then think about every social media site you may use, or even shopping. Now the number of password requests are staggering and tend to be a bit of a nuisance at times. This is where OneLogin steps into the game and takes away this stress.

The thought of having a single login to access personal apps, folders, and files may seem like a bad idea to few, however, OneLogin has proven that this is the most secure way to organize personal information. There are many major companies that believe in OneLogin and allow them to protect their valuable apps and data. Identity management and cyber attacks are two common issues that many companies face in this age of communication, and it is definitely costly. There is usually a 90% chance that a single data breach will cost more than $190,000 and a 10% chance that same breach will hit for more than $750,000.

With that being said, the world can be a dangerous place in it’s current state for unprotected information. This is where OneLogin steps in to allow users to streamline their processes while securing them by using many features to fit any organization. Companies are raving over the cost reduction from infiltrators and other headaches that OneLogin has relieved. Data breaches can be devastating to a start-up with only limited capital, so the investment is surely worth the cost. Using OneLogin you can expect to have a much more organized database, as well as continued trust in the security of your network.

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