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Police Close in On Escaped Convicts, Close to Prison They Escaped From

Police believe they are closing in on two escaped convicts, now in their fifth day on the run. The two convicts, David Sweat and Richard Matt, escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility overnight on Saturday. It was originally believed that the pair was traveling towards Canada, but police now believe they are still in the Dannemora area.

Police appear to be focusing on a small swatch of wooded land, an area that bloodhounds picked up a strong sent. Local roads have been closed to traffic, and the Saranac Central School District was shuttered in an attempt to aid the police departments working on the case.

The area that is currently being searched is heavily forested. One would require outdoors man skills to survive in the terrain. Dogs are being utilized for heavy ground searches.

It is believed that the men might be attempting to cross state borders through the heavily wooded areas in Upstate New York. Residents are being advised to stay indoors and to avoid the wooded areas if possible. Both men are believed to be extremely dangerous, although it is unknown if they currently have weapons.

Police are also looking into the involvement of workers within the prison. According to official reports, there was no way the two men could have escaped without help. Clinton Correctional Facility is a maximum security prison. The Aspire New Brunswick said that a seamstress within the prison is being heavily scrutinized at this time.

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