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The Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program

According to a recent BBC news report, the United States Pentagon has been conducting research into unidentified flying objects, or UFO’s as part of a secret program since 2007 and up until 2012, when it closed. A minute number of government officials were aware of the research. The program known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Programme was the brainchild of a retired Democratic senator and the Senate majority leader at the time.
The CIA released pages upon pages upon pages of previously classified documents. These documents, according to the New York Times, contained information regarding weird and speeding aircraft and hovering objects.

The former senator from Nevada, Harry Reid tweeted that the program was an effort to seriously get the truth out, amidst “plenty of evidence to support asking the questions”.

The Department of Defense is reported to have paid over $20 million to the program. Although the DOD closed the program in 2012 in order to cut national costs, certain officials have still kept up with it, investigating sightings and suspicious objects to this day.

Retired government officials delving into the world of conspiracy and aliens is nothing new, however. They have been doing this since the 1980’s for various purposes. Some are guilty of establishing franchised companies under the guise of revelation and higher intelligence, when, in actuality, there is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Recently, it would appear Tom Delonge, lead vocalist of the popular band, Blink 182 has fallen victim to one of these schemes. To The Stars Academy is a franchise founded by Delonge and – surprise – a whole slew of former government workers. Delonge describes their mission as something along the lines of enlightening society through means of both art and science. He plans on putting out tons of fictional entertainment in order to assimilate new information regarding alien technology into our current society. In order words: the goal is to make money from the public’s notorious curiosity and hope regarding extraterrestrial life.

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