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Pence plane skids off runway, passengers OK

A plane carrying Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence skidded off the runway Thursday evening after landing at New York’s LaGuardia airport, according to reporters on board. No one was injured, according to early reports.

Pence travels with a cadre of aides, Secret Service personnel and a traveling press corps. The plane is operated by a private Miami-based charter company, Eastern Airlines.

“Pence plane skidded off the runway upon landing in LGA. Everybody is fine, plane intact, rescue is on the way,” tweeted ABC’s Ines De La Cuetara, who was aboard the plane.

“Nobody has been hurt, we’re going through all our standard operating procedures and cooperating with all authorities,” said Nick Loudon, executive director of special projects at Eastern Airlines. “We don’t want to make any assumption [about] what happened yet.”

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