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Our Way of Life has Been Forever Changed

There is a new printer out there that is changing the face of the way we do life. The possibilities associated with 3-D printers are endless and can be utilized in practically every industry known to mankind. The basic concept of 3-D printing is to be able to submit a blue print into the machines hard drive and then just like magic whatever scheme is on that blue print will come to life.


Print Your Holiday Gifts


Remember being a kid and every holiday Grandma hands over a Sears catalog to circle the best toys available? It’s now possible for grandma to hand over her cell phone full of kiddie app’s, a selection is made, and then sent to the 3-D printer. Little Johnny’s Grandma can now print all his favorite app characters almost instantaneously. The possibility 3-D printers bring into our lives is insane! One day it could be common place to 3-D print our groceries!


Print a New Body


3-D printers could put an end to homelessness, possibly create a glass of water, but for now it seems the focus is remaining on the tangible and unbelievable. BitBot founders Danny Cabrera and Ricky Solarzano are convinced that one of these 3-D printers will be in every laboratory across the globe. Their company is marketing “highly specialized 3-D printers (that) builds living tissue-skin, bone, lung, and even an entire human ear”. While this might sound highly disturbing this firm believes that “the technology is expected to replace many human test subjects in pharma trials”.


End Poverty with 3-D Printing


The wave of technology that is ushering in the new era is literally awe inspiring to say the least. With possibilities this endless anything could be possible. The machine that ended world poverty is finally here. It seems as if a few of these machines should be set up globally to start printing items needed by those living in poverty.


Print a Life


Besides the implications for use in healthcare, 3-D printers will change the face of business. Long gone are the days of manufacturing and shipping. The extra labor wouldn’t be required if all that is needed is a blue print and some molecules. This printer would turn every home around the globe into a self- service store. Need shoes? Buy the blueprint. Need new brakes for your car? Click this button and just print a whole new car. The only foreseeable downside would be finding a place for the waste of printed yet unwanted items.



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