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Onelogin- The ultimate protection for your corporate network

Organizations spend millions of dollars every year protecting the security of their networks and internal systems. They pour millions into making sure emails containing viruses are not opened. They pour millions into preventing outside hackers from penetrating the firewalls. One thing that most companies neglect to consider however, is the massive hole in the network that may exist when Employees retire, quit or are terminated.

A mind boggling statistic says that almost 60% of Employees still have access to a company’s corporate network after they leave. This means that an ex-employee could go to a competitor and suck a corporate network dry of confidential information like business contacts, pricing, vendor information and other relevant financial information. Despite being highly illegally, this sort of breach happens more than corporations would like to admit. There are plenty of stories out there curtailing the aftermath of such scenarios where an ex-employee had virtually unlimited access to a corporate network of their prior employer and decided it was time to take revenge.

Well, the accountability lies with the organization to put an end to the problem before it begins. The cost of not being proactive is exponentially higher than putting the appropriate systems in place to prevent such activity. Companies such as onelogin offer unique solutions to help companies prevent the unwanted headaches an ex-employee with unlimited access to a corporate network can cause.

Enforced security policies that work to restrict app access by IP address and enforce Multi-Factor Authentication for increased security are some of the reasons onelogin can be a good partner for your organization. Onelogin develops and offers the cutting edge technology needed to secure any corporate network.

Don’t let your organization be part of the 45% of companies that don’t use a Security and Information Manager to screen for inappropriate access by prior employees. Stay ahead of the game and protect your network by partnering with onelogin.

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