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Once More Into the Fray, George Soros

Once he was the source of funding for the liberal agenda, George Soros has, in recent years, seemed to step back into the shadows during the Obama administration. Now with the rise of Hillary Clinton and the ominous possibility of Donald Trump at the helm of the White House’s considerable global influence, George Soros has once again inserted himself into the political arena in a mighty way. Giving the Clinton campaign over $25 million dollars in aide, Soros has been said to see the political situation in this election cycle as extremely vital to America’s future. Therefore, he has committed a considerable amount of his personal wealth that he has amassed through active trading on the stock market on to ensuring his country does not fall into the abyss of a Trump presidency.

In past years, Soros has seemed to been almost absent from the political donor scene after contributing large amounts to defeat Bush in 2004, only to suffer defeat. After supporting Obama over Hillary in 2008 and enjoying a short lived victory before Obama proved to not advance liberal causes as efficiently as he would have liked, Soros sought to bolster his international foundation giving rather than invest in domestic politics. That seems to have changed with the rise of the Trump menace and the opportunity to bet on, what he perceives to be a solid liberal candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Soros’ contribution is seen as an encouragement to other wealthy donors that have a like minded interest to prevent Trump from taking control of the White House. As a result, major donors like Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Sayban, and Fred Eychaner have all contributed considerable sums to Hillary’s campaign. These contributions have dwarfed Trump’s bank accounts and given the Clinton campaign a substantial advantage over her unorthodox competitor.

While Soros sees the 2016 presidential race as vital to the nation’s interest, he has also seen fit to invest his wealth in other places that are key wielders of influence. In addition to the Senate Majority PAC (a PAC that seeks to bolster the amount of Democratic Senators) and the Planned Parenthood Votes (a super PAC that bolsters candidates that support abortion rights), Soros has also seen fit to contribute to the Democracy Alliance, a secretive club of wealthy liberal donors that he played a key role in launching in 2005. Through these efforts Soros believes that he will help influence the nation’s future for the greater good by building key intellectual infrastructure that has key liberal fights like combating climate change, reducing big money in politics, and reducing income inequality at heart.

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