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NYPD Cop Uses Dead Man’s Mastercard to Buy Diamond Ring

According to NYPD officials, Officer Ymmacula Pierre responded to a “wellness check” at a lower Manhattan apartment. While there, Officer Pierre discovered the body of 65-year old architect, Ken Sanden, and then, she helped herself to his personal credit card.

Using Mr. Sanden’s Samsung Galaxy cell phone, Pierre contacted his niece, and proceeded to voucher his property. She also jotted down his Mastercard number, and two days later, brazenly charged a $3,200 diamond ring.

Zales was suspicious of the charge, and called Sanden’s niece. She was able to cancel the charge before it was shipped.

Detectives linked the purchase back to a computer belonging to Pierre’s boyfriend.

According to the DA’s office, Zales confirmed the shipping address used for the ring, coincidentally, it was the same one referenced on Pierre’s NYPD employment application.

Skout even wrote the officer is charged with identity theft, possession of stolen property, and misconduct.

Pierre plead not guilty, and has been suspended from the NYPD.

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