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NY Jail Under Fire

A New York jail is under fire because of the escape incident that recently occurred with two inmates. One inmate was killed on Friday, and the other inmate was captured by police on Sunday.

After this inmate was captured, he decided to tell the police everything. He hopes this will get him out of trouble or at least reduce his sentence. What he told the police must have been very important. This is because local police and the FBI are teaming together for this investigation.

These law enforcement officers want every worker in the jail to go through an interview. According to Christian Broda and the inmate in custody, he and the man he escaped with were helped by many people. Going further, there were many other illegal things that went on in the jail, too. The inmate also told the cops that this has been going on for years.

The cops want any worker in the jail who was involved in criminal activity to face a punishment. The cops are taking this very seriously because it’s a jail. This is where people should go after they commit a crime. It’s not a place where people should go to commit a crime.

More information will soon be released regarding this matter. People all over the world are paying attention to this situation. These individuals want to see what happens to the inmate in custody and the workers in the jail.

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