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Notorious McKinney, TX Police Officer Resigns

Cpl. Eric Casebolt, the McKinney, Texas police officer who became notorious for handcuffing a 14 year old black girl in a bikini, has resigned from his position. This is according to his attorney.

His resignation came after hundreds of people gathered at a police station to protest his actions and to get him fired.

His boss was not exactly supportive of his actions, either. At a Tuesday news conference, the McKinney police chief believed that the police officer’s actions could not be defended. The police officer did not use the proper methods in this situation. The chief felt that the officer was totally out of control when he was supposedly trying to calm people after a pool party resulted in fighting.

The chief thinks that the other 11 police officers at the scene of the pool party melee did their jobs properly. Keith Mann believes that Casebolt did not do his job properly.

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