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New Midnight in Kentucky Podcast from Singer of Culture Trap and TruckStop Dave

With the ongoing disclosure movement taking place and spreading the truth about alien visitation, paranormal happenings, possible government cover-ups, and UFO sightings, the world may be a very different place in only a few years, given the revelations currently seeing the light of day. In December, ex-DOD agent Luis Elizondo came forward in the New York Times to discuss his involvement with a shadowy project within the agency known as The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program possessed a main focus of investigating UFO sightings currently taking place, and to correctly identify them as a threat. Elizondo says the project was put forth by retiring Arizona senator Harry Reid, under pressure from billionaire, and paranormal researcher, Robert Bigelow. In perhaps the most startling claim of the expose, Elizondo says that Bigelow provided the space to house metallic pieces which came from unidentified craft.

Two long time researchers from Kentucky, Benjamin Foster, the singer of neo-folk band Culture Trap, and industrial musician, and one man band, Stephen Clark, have decided that there is no better time to provide the public with some of their deepest discovered information. With the Midnight in Kentucky podcast, Foster and Clark are tackling the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program with their first episode, due out Saturday, January 13th, on the Midnight in Kentucky SoundCloud page. Taking a deep dive into the actions, and involvement of the illusive benefactor Robert Bigelow, Midnight in Kentucky will provide a much needed look into just what the program means for disclosure, the furthering of UFOlogy, and possibly, the future of planet Earth at large.

With their monthly format, Midnight in Kentucky aims to construct a vivid picture of just what is happening in the dark corners the world around. Taking full license in future episodes to discuss cryptids, conspiracies, and odd and weird happenings, Midnight in Kentucky will provide clear narratives on current newsworthy events in the world of the unknown. Both Foster and Clark say a love of investigating the unknown, and of the podcasting format alike have led them to want to embark on the production of the show. For further information on the podcast, and to listen to the first and ongoing episodes visit the Midnight in Kentucky SoundCloud at

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